About Us

Windham Butcher Shop has an established competitive edge through the expertise of its founders Nichole and Leon Sargent. Nichole offers interpersonal skills and leadership development and knowledge of the industry. Leon has over 30 professional years in the industry and brings his existing relationship with suppliers as well as producers and a profound understanding of the craft of butchering. Their dedication to operation standards and production practices are instrumental in the success and uniqueness of the business. 

Nichole Sargent – Owner

Nichole Sargent oversees the Human Resources and daily managerial systems of the business. She is a long -time human services provider and an agricultural enthusiast.  She has over 27yrs in supporting folks with disabilities and 40yrs in the Equine Industry. She possesses a Certificate in Leadership Development from the University of Southern Maine and most recently Completed the UMaine Sanitation Workshop and Meat and Poultry HACCP Course. 

Nichole spent most of her career in managerial positions overseeing the development and creation of licensed homes, training programs and day habilitation programing. She has a clear understanding of state licensing regulations and supported agencies to teach, implement and adhere to those regulations. Nichole was instrumental in creating staffing patterns and residential budgets that saved money for the agencies. She was one of the creators behind an innovative “community-based day program” where she introduced people with disabilities to agriculture resources collaborating with local farms.  

Nichole volunteered on several non-profit boards and committees.  She was instrumental in the creation of a Silent Auction Tool Kit. She wrote and presented an article on the Kit which is now being used nationally in places like Europe and Iran. She is a Public Speaker and has spoken publicly on various topics.  Nichole has also worked as a wrapper in butcher shops and sold product at local farmers markets. Her passion for all living creatures, agriculture, and making a difference in people lives has given her the ability to develop successful programs based on the needs of individuals. Her resume and professional credentials are as colorful as her.

Leon Sargent – Owner

Leon Sargent manages and oversee the daily operations of the facility. He is the heart and soul of the business.  He has worked professionally both in meat processing and retail management for over 30yrs and has been working in slaughter houses and private facilities since he could hold a knife. As a little boy he worked alongside his uncle slaughtering and processing: going farm to farm and setting up mobile sites before mobile “became cool”. His work includes over two decades with Hannaford’s in both meat cutting and management functions, as well as working in Management for Sam’s Club. Leon has spent half of his life working “The Moose Hunt” processing moose in the Greenville and Ashland areas for a mobile unit. That same operation has collaborated with White Buffalo Inc. and Dr. Anthony DeNicola as an integral part of deer management programs throughout the northeast.  Leon oversaw the production of Windham Butcher Shop from 2010 to 2018. He worked for WBS for over 15yrs in various capacities. He was instrumental for increasing sales and adding new products and customers to the shop. He is witty and honest. Customers have come to love his no-nonsense approach and good-hearted humor. Leon is dedicated to meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations. He always aims to obtain greater levels of revenue, profitability and abundance! 

Dana Mains Jr.

“Punk” Dana Mains Jr. is responsible for Harvesting the livestock as they are received from customers. His expertise in the “slaughter and processing” industry surpasses anyone in the field hands down! He is the sixth generation of owning and operating slaughter and processing facilities in his family and has been working in the industry since he could hold a knife. He is highly sought after in the Industry for his skills on the “kill floor” his expertise in harvesting livestock allows WBS to acquire the most available products possible from each carcass. He also is efficient as a meat cutter, taking care of hides and other physical need areas of plant operations. He and Leon have worked side by side for over 30yrs. They are a dynamic duo and together are amazing in this industry. Dana is a true asset to the WBS family and a resource to our producers.