We’re a moderate size beef farm in southern Maine doing direct marketing of our beef and pork products to consumers. We need businesses we can trust for ours to work.  Windham butcher shop, owners Leon and Nichole Sargent are those people. With a close attention to detail and quality they work with us to keep our freezers full and customers happy. I would highly recommend them for your processing needs.

Heath Emery and family owners D’ameri acre’s farm market gray maine

Windham Butcher Shop helps my business deliver our products with top quality cutting and packaging for a variety of different meats. Their staff takes the time to listen to your individual needs and offers professional advice when needed. I would highly recommend using WBS!


At Double Z in Turner, Maine we run grass-fed beef and lamb. After we put the effort and beautiful Maine grass into growing healthy animals, the finishing touch is the quality processing by Windham Butcher Shop. They process our animals to each customers’ specific requests with a consistent attention to detail. With Leon, Nichole, and Punk plus their hard working crew behind the scenes, they make us look good and keep our returning customers happy time and again. We are very grateful for them!

Chris and Kate Abbruzzese, Double Z Land and Livestock