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Services offered

Windham Butcher Shop is a USDA inspected livestock harvesting and processing facility. It offers custom cutting and packaging for beef, pork, lamb and goat. Currently, further processing services include fresh sausage, smoked products such as bacon, and roaster pigs. Our processing services do change from time-to-time and may not always be available. Please contact us to determine which processing services are available at the time you place your order. By placing an order with WBS and/or delivering your livestock to WBS, you, on your own behalf and on the behalf of any entity you represent, hereby accept all the terms herein. 

Payment & Pickup

Payment in full for services is expected at pickup of your products. Payment options include cash or check

When your product is finished, we will notify you by email or telephone. Your finished product must be picked up within 5 business days from the day that we send you a notification (so check your messages daily!).

Scheduling & Ordering 

To schedule processing, please call us at 207-892-4203 and coordinate with, Nichole & Leon Please call well in advance (1 year to 2 years!) of when you need your Livestock harvested. 

Please keep in mind:

  • If your harvested livestock requires aging (or if you request aging), our maximum dry aging time included in the price of harvesting is 14 days. After 14 days, dry aging costs $5 per day per animal, and is subject to availability (we have limited space in our cooler for this process). 
  • Pork, lamb, and goat does not need to age. Please plan on picking up your processed product between 2-5 days from the harvest date (unless otherwise directed by WBS).
  • Livestock should be dropped off before 7am on the day of scheduled harvesting. If needed, livestock may be dropped off after 3pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday for the next day’s harvest. 
  • Please do not bring livestock for harvesting without prior scheduling. This includes ADDING additional livestock to an existing order! This is a strictly forbidden practice. Due to limited space, the health and safety of our employees, and USDA regulations, we schedule our harvesting in a precise manner and we cannot accommodate change orders or unscheduled drop offs. Adding additional livestock hinders our ability to provide quality service. We reserve the right to request you to retrieve your livestock and remove them from the WBS premises in the event you drop them off without them having been scheduled for harvesting. 
  • We also do not accept additional livestock from agricultural fairs and auctions. We schedule in advance with each fair and collaborate with fair officials to ensure a successful transition from the auction to our facility. All livestock brought to our facility must go through the AUCTION Process and obtain necessary paperwork and identification. We reserve the right to cap the number of livestock we accept at each auction.

Cancellation Policy

Please be considerate of your scheduled harvest dates. If you are not going to keep your dates or have booked elsewhere, please contact us and inform us of your need to cancel. There are other producers who could easily fill your slot, so it’s imperative we all work together to meet production needs on a timely basis. 

Cutting Instructions

We have standardized cut sheets for each species, which you can obtain from our office, or have emailed or faxed to you (there are copies available in the barn too). Cutting instructions need to accompany each animal upon delivery and if you do not provide cutting instructions, your livestock will be cut in a standard manner in WBS’s discretion. Remember to place identification papers (cut sheets) on the front of each pen holding your livestock.

For Producers with Multiple Customers

If you are a producer providing harvested livestock to your own customers, please understand that we cannot take cutting instructions directly from your customers. Please communicate with your customers and gather their cut lists prior to dropping off your livestock at WBS. Please use the cut sheets provided by WBS. We will separate the orders and ensure each of your customers gets the designated harvested animal, or portion thereof, as noted on the various cut sheets. When the product is complete it is your (the producer’s) responsibility to contact each of their customers to arrange pick-up at WBS. We request prior payment arrangements to be made and communicated with our staff to ensure a professional and prosperous experience for all.  It is imperative that your customers understand WBS’s pick-up process, our hours of operation, where to go, and to bring coolers etc. We ask you to communicate with each of your customers, as time out of our schedule to field their questions is time away from what we do BEST!

Health of Livestock

Humane handling and livestock care are of great importance to WBS. Our goal is to keep the transition from farm to our harvesting facility as stress-free as possible for your livestock.  Livestock delivered for harvest must be in sound condition, with no known diseases and must be able to walk on their own (no downers of any species are permitted at WBS). Remember, mud and/or manure caked on the hide of livestock increases the risk of transferring bacteria on to the carcass during the skinning process. We reserve the right to charge an additional livestock-cleaning fee for excessively dirty livestock. Additionally, if you do drop off any livestock with a disease (whether known or unknown), you hereby assume all liability for any other livestock that are affected by your infected livestock. This may include monetary compensation to WBS and other parties. 

We strongly encourage livestock producers to attend the Beef Quality Assurance Transportation Course that is offered through the Maine Cooperative Extension Services. 

Livestock Care and Testing

  • Do not clean out your trailer and dump your manure in the unloading area or in our driveway! Not only is it inconsiderate and rude, it is a distraction and hindrance to other producers who need to unload their livestock. There is a manure pit located next to our barn that you are welcome to use. You may be charged a cleaning fee for improper manure dumping.
  • Water is provided in the barn. For larger livestock there are buckets readily accessible. 
  • Customers requesting heads or hides back must ask in advance for them and must pick them up the day of harvesting. Customers will be charged $50.00 for hides. WBS shall retain possession of all offal from harvested livestock for use in their discretion.
  • WBS is NOT responsible or liable for any condemned livestock, carcasses, and organs that did not pass USDA antemortem inspection or carcasses and organs that are condemned as a result of USDA postmortem Inspection. Producers will be responsible for all fees associated with the removal of condemned livestock, carcasses, and organs. WBS is also not responsible and assumes no liability for loss of livestock in case of accidental death of the animal while on the WBS premises or upon trucking prior to harvest. 
  • Due to the nature of the business, we are under the careful eye of the USDA, which means a random USDA lab tests that are run at any given time during our operations. Your carcasses are subject to testing, which means up to 2lbs of meat or other products from the carcass can be taken by the USDA. Swabs are taken as well. Your product is held until test results are released. 
  • SMILE! You are being monitored and recorded on Security Cameras while on WBS Grounds.