Southpaw Packing Services Update

Things to Know

  • We are steadily experiencing price increases from our vendors, and a lack of product availability. I have been corresponding with plants out west to brainstorm alternative solutions to these new obstacles. We try to avoid anything that hinders our ability to book livestock and do our daily jobs.
  • We are still NOT offering Farm Labels. We simply cannot accommodate that at this time. We are working toward an alternative solution for smaller farmers, and a creative solution for our small plant. Currently, our limited work force and space to accommodate the labeling issue stands in our way. It is an issue! I have asked folks who represent us at FSIS to address this concern.
  • For Producers with multiple customers, we encourage you to communicate with them before they reach out us. I cannot emphasize this enough. We get a barrage of questions that we cannot answer for you.
  • Cut Sheets are available online and are now a fillable form on our website. You can save them to your computer, fill them out, and send them via email to us or print and bring them with you. Reminder, we are not the food network, our Cut Sheets are as they are for our work efficiency. We will not accept customized cut sheets.
  • Dry aging cannot happen at this time. Our goal is to serve as many producers as possible. Our limited cooler space, our HACCP Plan, and the current state of our facility, prohibits us from offering dry aging at this time. Our team will decide how long product will hang in the cooler before requiring pickup.
  • We are not offering our services to the Fryeburg Fair Auction this year. We notified the appropriate parties at the beginning of the year, and asked them to notify their 4H leaders as well as bidders. We also expressed our concerns with the pandemic and lack of availability of processors, and suggested they meet with processors in the future prior to expanding their livestock auction. Our customers must be our first priority. We believe wholeheartedly in the 4H Programs, and support year round as much as we can. We simply cannot accommodate the needs of Fryeburg Fair and its program at this time.

Thank you for your ongoing patronage and support of Southpaw Packing! Please contact us directly with any questions.